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What makes me happy: is too see how happy the children get when they come play and seeing all the families together


What makes me happy: is when I am the reason someone else is smiling, whether it be family, friends, or just someone I pass by on the streets, seeing them smile is something that brings pure happiness to my life. Also music is a passion of mine which makes me happy.


What makes me happy: is seeing someone's face light up from excitement, singing and pretty much anything Disney


What makes me happy: is being able to dance all the time and seeing others sparkling and satisfied with their life


What makes me happy: Making people smile makes me happy.


What makes me happy: the thing that most makes me happy is seeing my beautiful niece no matter what mood I am in she always know how to just make my heart complete! Family is forever and its the little things that mean the most its amazing how much a 2 year old can make you feel so many emotions all at once and for them reasons I know that the thing that will always make me happy is my niece and my family xox


What makes me happy: is being outside under the sun with friends and family, also going to concerts and gigs where I get to feel the happiest and most free x

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